Soil Is Medicine

Hippocrates stated over 2,400 years ago, “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy Food.” It’s true today more than ever, but certainly Hippocrates had no idea the human race would be destroying soil at the rate we are. Without healthy living soil, humans cannot thrive and our environment will decline dramatically while human disease increases. Soil health is critical to human health and environmental health, and these connections lead us to understand, “Soil is Medicine.”

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Let Nature’s “Life-Force” do the work for you!

Alegría Living Soil is blended with 100% organic inputs and naturally-derived minerals and probiotic clays to provide your plants everything they need to thrive. Our soil philosophy is based upon the principles of biomimicry and regenerative agriculture, which focuses on increasing humus and the “life-force” bioavailability of essential minerals and trace elements that allow plants to optimize their true genetic potential. Our “high-frequency” soil blend allows for greater utilization and “recycling” of nutrients. Loaded with carbon-rich organic matter, our activated living soils retain water and breathe exceptionally at the same time, allowing greater mineralization to occur so plants grow faster, stronger, and more pest resistant. This reduces the amount of water and fertilizer inputs required, saving precious dollars while dramatically improving flavor and quality.

Whether it’s optimizing the flavor in your tomatoes or maximizing the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of your medicinal herbs, Alegría Living Soil provides superior results you can count on!

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Alegría Living Soil is blended with organic inputs and essential, naturally-derived minerals
to provide your plants everything they need to thrive.


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